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Default My Galaxy 5.0 won't turn on..

I purchased my Galaxy wifi 5.0 from back in September? I believe.
I was taking a nap today and I woke up to find that my Galaxy was turned off.
I tried to turn it back on but nothing!! It won't turn back on at all!!

I pushed every button on this and tried different combinations as well..

Anyone know what might be wrong? I even plugged it to charge it and there's no sign...

Please help!!!
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I'm not sure what's going on, but I'd try removing the SD card if you have one in there, just in case it's a problem with file corruption. I'd also try re-inserting the microUSB cable just to make sure it's making contact. Otherwise, you might just have to send it back to Woot. They do offer a full year guarantee. Somebody on the Woot forum had to make three returns, and he said that Woot had run out of extras to offer an immediate exchange. However, they did take back his last return and send it on to Samsung for repair/replacement. It was taking him some time to get it back, but it does seem that Samsung is indirectly honoring the Woot warranty, at least in this person's experience.
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Default 4.0

dang 4.0 developed the habit of turning its self off... it turns on ok but about once a day or so it shuts itself down... I thought it was cuz maybe I was holding the button too long when putting it in standby but been very conscious and careful of that so thats not it... any ideas on this one?
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i have no problems with this player, please send firmware, kernel and model data to see if its a common issue
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