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Default Galaxy Player 5.0 - My First Impressions

It's now making a week I have in my posession my brand new Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and I think it's the time for me to deliver my first impressions on this PMP.

When I saw it first, I might admit I was a bit shocked regarding the dimension of the screen. When I realized what 5 inches really was, I wasn't quite sure I it would fit in my pocket pefectly. When I tried it, I was really surprised it actually did enter in my pocket with no effort ! The Samsung got it first point.

But then, the real test began. The first charge, using the AC adaptor, was a bit slow but I must admit I was using it while charging. So, that was affecting the charging process. But, without touching it when plugged, the time is OK. Anyway, I charge it while sleeping so it's not really an obstacle.

Regarding the player itself, the stereo speakers in the back are really good. You can really use them while working in your office without annoying the others co-workers around, The back camera is OK too. I find it kind of cool to have a camera with me on my player so I can take photos anywhere I go. The only negative point with it is that, in the dark, you can't point with the camera using the flash. It only turns on when you take a photo.

Otherwise, I'm glad to finally have an Android device. I can say that I like Android way more than the iOS. The reasons are : more free apps, other music players to choose from and the best part is the installation of those apps. I find it more easier to proceed to an installation that with the Apple OS. You don't have to always enter your password to access your account ! Finally, another good point to Android, there's an FM Radio ! Sadly, the original FM Tuner does not come with the RDS functionnality but I found an alternative to that and it works very good.

The only negative point regarding Android is the fact I can't use my PayPal account to buy stuff. It only supports credit cards but I don't have one.

So what can I say ? I'm a very satisfied customer and very proud of buying my Galaxy 5.0.
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