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Default Just curious here...

A couple days ago, I walked into Best Buy and took a peek at the MP3 players on display since I was getting bored. While I was there, I noticed that the Zen V/Zen V Plus that they had on display had a massive screen flicker that wouldn't subside. Anyways, I was just curious as to how many Zen V/Zen V Plus owners have this sort of problem, at least from time to time, since if I can't afford a Zen Vision:M (although I probably will be able to) I might get this player.
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I've read comments elsewhere about the Zen V having a low refresh rate. I am ordinarily pretty sensitive to that sort of thing am often the first to tell people that the refresh rate needs to be increased on their computer monitor. Nevertheless, I have not noticed flickering on my Zen V Plus either when viewed directly or by peripheral vision. Maybe what you saw was a bad unit (I have little confidence that anyone at Best Buy could tell the difference) or you are personally very sensitive to this display trait.
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the Zen V series all have OLED screens that have slower refresh rates than more conventional TFT LCDs so their is noticable flicker and ghosting on videos but it should not be evident for anything else, so it may very well have been a defective or heavily abused (most likely by curious customers). but so far I have not heard of nor seen (my little sister has the V Plus) this problem.


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