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Default RIP Gigabeat S30 screen

Well, on a recent OS trip, I stupidly packed my gigabeat near the outside of my suitcase. After returning home, I plugged it in to charge it up for the next morning's commute, and was greeted with a glowing smashed screen.

I can almost read the top left hand corner, sometimes, but the rest of the screen is a destroyed mess. Luckily the gigabeat is still functioning as normal, but without the screen, it's been reduced to a 30gb shuffle - Which it did for the first week until I pressed the wrong buttons and it went into a certain boring album and stayed there. until I pressed the wrong buttons and it went into the radio... Spent 20min this morning trying to press the right buttons to get it to "play all" again.

Would anyone be able to help me out with the correct "button pressing" to get it to play all? I'm flying blind here.

Oh yeah, as much as I love it, it's not worth repairing. screens are way too expensive.
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