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Lightbulb P3 Manager Program!

Hi everyone! I'm a longtime lurker who finally decided to give something back to the community.

To those of you who are still using the Samsung P3 player (myself included), I have been working on a tool for quite some time now and figured I'd share it now that I've gotten it stable and useful: A manager for the P3 Player.

It's a simple little program for managing songs and playlist content on the device.

*EDIT* The program requires an up to date version of Java and is tested for Windows. If you don't have Java you can download the latest version from

The program can be downloaded from here:

Here are a few screenshots of the current version:

Current features:
  • Transfers files to the device as needed (for instance, if you add a new music file to a playlist it will detect that the music file is not on the device yet and transfers it)
  • Filters out any music files not supported by the device (mp3, flac, wma, ogg, aac, wav, asf).
  • Supports virtually all file names (as demonstrated in the screenshots).
  • Creates playlists readable by the P3 Player
  • Highlights songs that are not on the device in bright red.
  • Features "Hide songs in playlists" checkbox which displays only the "loose" songs.
  • Removes references to songs that are no longer on the device.
  • Removes empty playlists.
  • Features "Undo" buttons to quickly revert all the changes you have made; for instance if you accidentally delete a playlist all you have to do is press the "Reset Playlists" button to reload the playlist list as it is on the device, or you can go to the Hardware tab and press "Discard changes" to revert ALL changes made in the GUI.
  • Warns when you try to create a playlist with the same name as an already existing one.
  • Can scan the contents of the device and generate a list of all the playlists and songs already present (this generates meta data files which also get written to the device in order to speed everything up). This is done by pressing the "Scan Device" button on the Hardware tab. If you remove or add music or playlist files to the device through other means of this program you might want to press this button to make sure that the meta data is accurate, or the program will not even know that those files are there.

Not yet implemented:

  • The "Log" field on the hardware tab currently does not display anything.


I hope that most things are self-explanatory but as always the creator is probably blind to the flaws, so here are some basic things:

The program currently only finds your device if it is named "P3", so make sure you have it named "P3" or you will forever see the program display "Not connected" in the top-left corner.

When starting the program for the first time, go to the hardware tab and press "Scan Device". This will cause the program to check through the Music and Playlists folders of the device and see what's there. There is currently no progress indicator for this so the program will be unresponsive for up to a minute or so. Once this is done you should see the contents of your device listed under the "Songs" and "Playlists" tabs.

The Clipboard- Songs- and Playlists-textareas allow drag-n-drop, so if you simply want to add a song to the device drag it to the Songs tab. If you want to add a song to one of your playlists, simply select the playlist from the dropdown-menu on the Playlists tab then drag the song to the textarea. To add a song from the Songs panel to a playlist you currently have to add it to the clipboard first and then on the clipboard panel press the "Add to current playlist" button.

The "Add to Songs", "Add to current playlist" and "Add to clipboard" buttons copy ALL the songs in the list unless you highlight some individually.

To remove a song from the device, remove it from the Songs list. This will cause the program to mark it for deletion and will remove the music file from the device as well as remove it from all playlists.

Once you have created some playlists, added some songs and perhaps even removed some; go over to the hardware tab and press "Write changes". This will write/remove all songs/playlists to the device so it has the same content as the things you see in the GUI.

This program is still very much a work in progress so feel free to suggest features or just give me feedback. I'm probably not going to have time to implement everything but the smallest/simplest things may very well make it. Also, I would greatly appreciate any information on bugs you find; I dont expect there to be many but I'm sure someone's gonna find something.

Things I am planning to implement are:

  • Adding an "Add to playlist" button in the Song tab
  • Syncing playlists from your Winamp library.
  • Adding a "Shuffle sample" playlist which selects some random songs from the collection on your computer so you can explore your music library easily.

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