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Default RIP, my Precious...

After a long life, my Vision:M is toast.

A long while ago, I had to replace the vertical scroll pad. While I was working on it then, I broke the battery connector off of the motherboard. Being surface mount and my soldering skills being less than perfect, I got a weak electrical contact and physically secured the connector with hot glue.

Over the last week, the poor thing took some heavy falls. While the hard drive came unseated each time and I managed to reconnect it, restoring functions, each time...the last fall broke the electrical contact.

Now, having a fancy new temp-adjustable soldering station with a super fine point on my iron and stronger skills than I had before, I went in trying to fix it correctly. Unfortunately my iron lifted the pad and trace going to the middle contact (white wire on the battery pack) so unless there is some component on the other side I can tap onto, a new motherboard is will still run when hooked up to the charger so the board is otherwise OK...

Anyone happen to know where that white wire goes?

Alternatively, anyone have a ZVM around they want to part with/part out cheaply? eBay is a little pricey currently. It seems the days of $10 for-parts ZVMs are long gone. Since I have two good hard drives, a good screen, good button pad, good scroll pad, good battery and good case I can't justify the cost of buying a whole working one, which currently varies from 90 to 200 USD depending on exact condition and colour.

(the worst part of this truly is that it's entirely my fault )

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