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Interesting to see this thread. I have had a similar problem with my SGP 5 and was about to ask - but I can get my battery to 100%. It just needs ten hours or more on the charger to get there. No matter whether it is 70% full when I put it on the charger or 15% full, it takes just over 10 hours to fully charge. It seems to me it has always been like this. The charging picture on the screen rarely shows any progress until it is just 100% charged.

So, since others have this same problem I won't ask what is up but instead suggest this - plug it in and leave it (with the SGP shut off) for 10 to 12 hours and it should fully charge to 100%. Kind of ridiculous as I have no other device that charges this way.
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I have two questions about battery charge and SGP 4.2.

I've had it for a few days and I'm happy with it. One thing I've noticed is that when I charge it from switched off it takes ages to reach 100% charge, but when I switch the device on it says it's already charged 100% and I should remove the charger. A friend of mine says this was a bug in Gingerbread that has never been fixed. What's your opinion?

Another question: is there a reliable app that would allow me to apply a custom range of charge/recharge. For example: recharge when it's under 50% but don't charge over 80%.

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Don't think you can control charging with an app, it's a hardware thing not a software thing.

ALWAYS best to charge a device TURNED OFF.
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Don't worry about taking it off charge when it tells you too, it won't hurt to leave it connected. It also won't hurt to charge it when it's nearly full.

You could try Battery Widget from Elvison. It adds an icon to the notification bar which will be one of four colours depending on the percentage and you can set the levels at which it changes. It won't control charging but it will give you a clear visual indication of its current state.
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