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Default Audiobook Bookmarks

Hi, is there a Sansa like way to bookmark only audio books / podcasts by folder in Rockbox because I am finding incredibly difficult to set bookmarks manually.

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This may not be what you're looking for, but i basically only listen to audiobooks and the following setup has worked very well for me on my Clip+.

Settings/General Settings/System/Start Screen -> Recent Bookmarks
Settings/General Settings/System/Bookmarking/Bookmark on Stop -> Ask
Settings/General Settings/System/Bookmarking/Update on Stop -> Yes
Settings/General Settings/System/Bookmarking/Load Last Bookmark -> Ask [this applies to when you navigate to a folder/file that you've bookmarked previously]
Settings/General Settings/System/Bookmarking/Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks -> Unique Only

Settings/Playback/Rewind Before Resume -> [select how long]
Settings/Playback/Rewind on Pause -> [select how long]

So with these settings...
  • the player starts up showing the Recent Bookmarks list, which can hold up to 8 bookmarks (at least on the build i'm using)
  • if you are listening to a file/folder that hasn't been bookmarked and you press stop or try to navigate elsewhere (or you push the Home Button), you will be asked if you want to create a bookmark
  • while playing a file/folder that has previously been bookmarked, tapping the Power Button will automatically update the bookmark and take you back to the previous screen
  • if Recent Bookmarks is currently filled with 8 bookmarks and you create another one, the new one will replace the oldest bookmark (the one that appears last on the list)
  • while in Recent Bookmarks you can delete a bookmark by holding the Select Button until you see a choice to either delete or resume that bookmark

Last edited by Vir; 12-23-2011 at 10:46 PM. Reason: added additional detail to the 2nd bullet
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Hi Vir, your setup seems perfect for someone who only listens to spoken word media but I don't really wish to have to ask if I want to bookmark when listening to music.

Thanks for your help.
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The manual for the Clip Zip isn't complete yet but I took a look at the menu settings in the Clip+ manual. The bookmarking options are the same. You should be able to use that to set your bookmarking. Autoresume seems as if it would help in your situation.
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So I gather it will only resume playback if I use the file browser and not the database for my spoken word tracks?

If so that's great and I think its working.
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