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Default How do you remove default apps (icons) on samsung player 4.0

I would like to remove some of the default applications (or icons? Remember I am new to this android world) from the home screen?

Also, how do you move or sort the apps/icons around (like you can on your windows desktop)?

Thanks again for your input and help!
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I believe you will need to go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications. orm there you should be able to choose what apps you want to be uninstalled.

As for moving the applications, the best thing to do is to use your home screen for this. Long press the app you wish to move then select the new area.
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Yeah- to delete them, go Settings\Applications\Manage the applicable app, and you'll see a button at the top labeled "Uninstall"

Also, Clear Data and Move to USB Storage.

To move an icon, long-press on it (hold your finger on the icon for a couple of seconds)- you'll get the haptic "buzz"...keep pressing and start to slide your finger off the edge of the home screen and the next home screen in sequence will show up. Drop it or keep moving to the next home screen. Note that you have to have an open place in order to drop the icon there.

Also, when you load a new app, you'll need to go into the Applications page, find and long-press the icon- and then you can drag it to a home screen in a similar manner as described above.

If you ever want to just delete the icon on a home page (and NOT the application itself), you can long-press the icon, and then drag it to the bottom of the screen where a trash can will show up. Dump it there and it disappears.

Good luck.
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