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Default question about clip zip rockbox files

Okay, I am brand new to rockbox and am lookng at my very first install on my Clip Zip. I read this thread, and the rockbox manual. Then I downloaded the latest sansa firmware, clipzip01.01.18, and the rockboxbootloader in the thread, sansaclipzip01.01.18-rockbox_bootloader-v4.0, along with the mkamsboot.exe. However, when I unzip the firmware and bootloader, they both have the same file name, clpza.bin and are the same size. from the instructions, I thought I would have three files, per below:

1. Create a folder called “rbinstall” in your home directory, and then extract the OF, the bootloader and mkamsboot into it. 2. Open a new terminal {0r command prompt{, and navigate to the “rbinstall” folder. 3. Run mkamsboot, passing the name of the OF and bootloader files that you downloaded, in addition to a name for the output file.
./mkamsboot clppa.bin bootloader-clipplus.sansa patched.bin
is the bootloader mis-named perhaps?

also, to be clear do I run this like this:

mkamsboot.exe clpza.bin bootloaderfilenamehere.bin patched.bin

Thanks in advance,

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