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Default What do I think about the SGP5? Well, let's see...

I decided to write down what I think about it after a few weeks of VERY heavy use, so why not share it with you all?

The most important thing I noticed about it out of the box... The music player SUCKS. The stock one that comes on it, at least. It was laggy and not all that intuitive. Luckily, the plethora of apps out there are a godsend. I've tried and liked a lot of them, including TTPod, Cloudskipper, Cubed, Google Music, and Rockbox. I'm sticking with Cubed for now. My only problem is that none of them are all that accessible without unlocking the screen. Cubed can be accessible, but not without a bit of a hassle.

In my experience so far, the only thing it had trouble running was a game from Glu Mobile called Frontline Commando. Besides that one app, all of it has been pretty smooth. Particularly Netflix. I've watched hundreds and hundreds of episodes of various TV shows on it since Christmas Eve. It looks wonderful, and it runs quickly, even with Facebook messenger and testPlus running.

Something I was apprehensive about was the touch buttons. I sometimes have problems accidentally pressing tactile buttons, but I've actually found them to be not too bad. If my finger slips off the screen and touches one of them, it doesn't register, which prevents most of my accidental presses. Then there's the actual tactile buttons, power/lock and the volume rocker, and I actually end up pressing those accidentally more than the others. Go figure.

And, on to my favorite part of the player... The battery life. Almost no matter how I use it, it lasts me at least one day. Most of the time two. It's brilliant.

Conclusion, with the right tweaks and customization, it's an awesome player. Throw in a 32GB card, and you have an amazing player, throw in Google Music, and you've got your entire collection in your pocket almost anywhere you go. I think I'm falling in love with Android.
- Justin
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