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Default Multiple copies of book appear.

Hi all,
I have a GP5 with an 8gb micro sd card installed. I use Aldiko as my default reader though I have Mantano and Kindle as well. I also use Calibre as my library (books are generally in epub format) and send books to the GP5 using the "send to device", "send to main memory" functions of Calibre.
Calibre sends the book to the external sd card by default. Prior to installing the sd card, Calibre sent the book to the GP5 internal sd card.

The problem I'm having is: Multiple copies (3) of the book will appear in "shelf view" on Aldiko. If I delete one, doesn't matter which, I'm left with 3 blank books on the shelf. Calibre shows just one copy on the main device. If I use ES Explorer or MS Explorer on my desktop to look at the folders on the device I see on the internal sd storage one folder named "ebook" and within are the folder(s) for the books I sent over from Calibre. There is also another folder on the same storage named "external_sd" which is empty.
When I look at the external sd card I find a folder named "eBooks", within is a folder named "import" and within that is the folders for the books from Calibre.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I've read the GP5 and Calibre users guides several times as well as searching on the Calibre and Aldido sites FAQ's etc. with no success.
I'm hoping the more experienced users on this forum, as well as the mobileread/Calibre forums will be able to help.

I've deleted the ebooks and external_sd folders on the internal sd but they reappear so I suspect they are hard written...I've wondered what would happen if I formatted the internal sd through "settings" on the GP5 but I am not knowledgeable regarding damage I may do that is unrecoverable.

Any and all help, suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I love my GP5 and can certainly live with this but as this just started several days ago and I've had the 5 for nearly 4 weeks I suspect it may be something I did by accident?.

Thanks again,
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