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Default What's the standard price for a used SGP5?

I'm going to be replaying my BlackBerry with the Note when it comes to Canada in month or so (Telus). How much would be a good price to sell my SGP5 for? I was thinking $199, the screen is scratch free as it has had a screen cover on since I opened it.

Thanks all!
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Search google for the pricing on used SGP 5.0's and base your selling price off of that. $199 does seem decent to me, but check just in case.
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I did a bit of searching on eBay for a used Galaxy Player (US eBay, there weren't many links on
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I'll be amazed if you can sell a used one for $199. I paid $209 for mine new.

When looking at the ebay listings, click the box in the left column "Completed listings" to see what actually sold.

Good luck,
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as a random person I would see that 199 price for a USED item and be all like F that they have been on sale new for as low as 209 in the last 2 months. USED in the best condition will not sell for more them 70% of its lowest advertised price for a new one, frankly you'll be lucky to get half what the new price is.

All the things I post for sale at half the price I paid new, I still get offers for half that, so good luck getting anything for it.
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