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Default rock boxed Zip (sound adjustments)

hey guys

after deciding to buy a Sansa Zip from some helpful posts on here, im back for some more advice.

first of all this thing is amazing roxboxed! i had no idea these things could do so much more than just play music.

i have been messing with all kinds of settings to make things just the way i like em, but when it comes to the SQ im left wanting more...

now im coming from a ZuneHD, but i assumed the Zip was pretty much in the same ballpark as far as SQ goes. i might add im using the same headphones i was using with the ZuneHD which sounded awesome with the Zune (JVC marshmallow).

but it seems no matter how much i tweak the EQ i just cant get very clear sound. i even tried the presets & messing with the freq adjustments on the different EQ settings. but to be honest as of right now the Zip sounds like junk. im not saying the player sucks. i just cant seem to find the sweet spot to make this thing sound good. im haven't ruled out that i may have messed up a setting and may just restore the OG config later tonight, but before i did i just wanted to get your guys advice.

so i guess what im asking is. is there a tweak that i dont know about that is commonly missed, is the sound chip in the Zip not as good when compaired to something like the ZuneHD? any suggestions are welcome.

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