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Default Just Stumbled Across A SMP Cousin

I feel the SMP and the Galaxy Note are related and was surprised to see another relative which looks like a "lesser" version of the Note with a price tag more than 50% less called the "BLU Studio 5.3. Now while you can't compare the specs between the two, they are similar between the Blu Studio 5.3 and the SMP except for the slower processor (675 Mhz).

Here is what intrigues me about the BS 5.3:

- Sold in various internal storage sizes up to and including 32GB
- SIM function, in fact dual SIM ( this would be great for a data SIM )

I love my 5.0 but honestly would of seriously looked at this product as well before purchasing. Not as a phone but as a small tablet/media player (just like my 5.0)but could work with both wifi and a data plan.

Here is a place selling the various sized models.
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I wouldn't trust that company, I can't find it in wikipedia. Dual SIMs is also usually the signature of cheap Chinese companies, and since many of these phones have the same IMEI, you could be blocked from the network if someone else manages to. But it probably will be good doing video playback and casual browsing (but I bet video playback will not be 1080p ). The official company is here:
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Yup, it's a crapo cheapo Samsung knockoff. Pass!!!
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Originally Posted by murph View Post
...they are similar between the Blu Studio 5.3 and the SMP except for the slower processor (675 Mhz).
Setting aside the obvious reasons to take this with a grain of salt, that slash in clock speed is a heck of a concession to make in this age of dual-core mobile CPUs.
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Theres no damn way I'd pay nearly $300 for cheap china crap
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You got that right Lagoo. Frankly, I was disappointed when I learned the SGP shipped to me came from a Chinese factory. Hopefully Korean standards were at least involved in Design and Quality control phases.
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its more expensive then SGP 5.0
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