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Default What keyboard are you using on your SGP?

I started out using Swype. I really wanted it to work. But regardless of what options I enabled or disabled, the predictive text drove me nuts. Invariably when I made a mistake (or the predictive engine made a mistake) and I needed to backspace, it would add the mistaken text to the RIGHT of my cursor! Any attempts to delete the dangling attached errors would just compound the problem and I'd end up with 2, 3, 4 versions of the "mistake text" stuck to the right of my cursor!

Finally I just quit using Swype and reverted to the stock keyboard. Which is marginally better. But it lacks haptic feedback and the predictive text on this is really stupid. It constantly chooses the wrong words for actually enters the wrong word after I have typed exactly what I want...I then have to go to the highlighted options to select what I already typed in the first place! Also, it doesn't understand that the contraction for " I am" is "I'm". Not an option. Also, even though I try to add "I'm" to the dictionary, it won't accept it! Even if it doesn't change the text on me, the predictive aspect really just sucks. it usually requires all but the last letter or two to be typed before it can even begin to approximate anything approaching correct. And it's not "learning over the last month either.

I'm pretty frustrated. Any other options out there that folks could recommend that won't leave me frustrated as described above? Are you guys having problems with the stock keyboard as well?
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