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Default Battery Life on i9

Hi. I just bought the i9 to replace my i7 for listening at work. The i7 is still working fine, I just wanted more capacity and something new to play with. My concern is with how long the battery lasts. I use it only for music. My files are VBR MP3's (approx 256Kbps). I have the screen always on but dimmed down to a setting of 1. I am only getting just shy of 4 hours play out of it per charge. My i7 gets me about 12 hours under the same conditions. I never expected the 27 hours it's rated at, but 4 hours? Can this be right?
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You can't leave your screen always on, even at minimum brightness.
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The screen is killing your battery life, I have an old i7 which is still getting well over 40 hours. I haven't clocked my i9 in a long time but I'm guessing 18 to 20 hours is close.

Edit: Can't you use a wall charger at work?

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Yes, I can plug it in at work. I sit all day in a cubicle with the player sitting pointed at me at the bottom of the monitor and the earphone cable ran under my keyboard. Maybe that would be the solution. Or letting the screen time out. I like the screen on all the time so I can glance down whenever I want and see what's going on. Plus, it looks cool, with the album art and all. I could go to the J3 but I really like the small size of the i9. Anyway, now I know the battery is not defective. That is what I was concerned with. Thanks for the help!
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With my old U3, I liked to have the screen always on, too, but with the i9's bigger screen, I've had to give up that habit. I only get about 4 hours out of it, too, while my 5 year old U3 still gets 9-10 hours with the screen always on. So, on the i9, I set the screen to 5 seconds, but still play around with the UI quite a bit, and the battery life is several times longer. If I just press play and let it go, I really do get 30 hours out of it (I tested it), but that's not how I typically use it.

Also, the battery life has actually improved somewhat since I bought the i9 2 months ago. The first time I charged it, I only got 3 hours. It's been mentioned elsewhere that the battery needs at least a few charges before it's at its best.

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