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Default Software for cd to mp3 conversion

I was using a Jet Audio programme for ripping my cds to mp3 and then transferring them to my X7. I've now got a new pc and I was wondering if someone could recommend a similar programme. I can't seem to find or download the one I was using. Thanks for any help.
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I haven't tried Jet Audio, so I'm not sure how its interface compares to others, but my experience with CDex was favorable when I last used it (admittedly a long time ago). CDex is a free, Open Source program, and it looks like it's still maintained.
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Take a look at fre:ac It comes with everything you need to rip to MP3. It's simple, full featured and well maintained. I use the plain zip version from the link on that page. That let's me get the program without dealing with the extra step of using the cnet downloader.

The snapshot version has more features If all you want is a ripper you may not need the extras but its nice to have them available.
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Thanks both, for the replies
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A CDex fan here; once you have the settings down, a champ for me.
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