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Default Clip Zip Database Build impossible (Rockbox)

First sorry for my bad Englisch. I are German:-)

Have a Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox
Target: sansaclipzip
Target id: 68
Target define: -DSANSA_CLIPZIP
Memory: 8
CPU: arm
Manufacturer: as3525
Version: 10d8717-120329
Binary: rockbox.sansa
Binary size: 606288
Actual size: 606280
RAM usage: 932672

and the Database Build is impossible.

I take 3-4 Albums 50-60 MP3 on the Clip Zip. Database Build will done. Add more Mp3 700 Rockbox Show 526 and Freez.

Debug Modus not Work. No Log (After Reset) Rockbox not boot anymore. Database must Delete manually.

The Database Build on an 32gig SD Card is impossible. Freez. Scanning nothing. No Log, no response.

Can i Build the Database on PC?

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