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Unhappy Can't Uninstall Rockbox Sansa Clip Zip

Well I tried Rockbox and decided it wasn't for me. I prefer Sansa's interface and it's just more streamlined and suited to my needs than Rockbox is. However, I'm having some big issues uninstalling it now. I did a manual uninstall after the auto uninstaller failed to work, but the bootloaded won't delete itself. I tried to update the firmware (or put the original firmware on, I found conflicting information on which I needed to do) but neither managed to override RB attempting to boot when I turn on the device. Also, the device won't update it's firmware either.

I would honestly just prefer the device to be restored to factory settings even if that meant doing the Clip Zip equivalent of a clean reinstall and losing the files I loaded onto it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Also just for reference I am on a mac running OSX leopard, and this is a 4gb sansa clip zip. I also have a 16GB micro SD card, but I take it out when I'm attempting to do this firmware stuff like the Sandisk site reccomended.
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