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Question What is the ##PORT# folder on the clip?

There were many folders on the ClipZ that I noticed only after rockboxing it. One was called ##MUSIC# containing the tracks that come bundled with the player. So I deleted that folder. There's another folder called ##PORT# containing 4 files:

DeviceIcon (221 kB)
Object (177 MB)
sample.hds (32 MB)
sync_partner (0 bytes)

Can I safely delete the above folder or is it important for rockbox to function? Sorry for posting here instead of in the RB sub-forum.

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---moved to the Rockbox subforum. people that don't have Rockbox installed never see any "##" folders---

The only folder that's needed for Rockbox to work is the .rockbox folder. Any other folders can be safely deleted as long as they don't hold anything you've placed in them. If you ever boot to the OF they are created again during the database refresh. You can use the folder structure the OF creates or create any folder structure you want.

If you want to listen music you'll probably want to create a folder to hold those files but you could just leave those loose in the root of the player if you choose. The folders you create won't be recreated during a database refresh. Storing your music in the .rockbox folder isn't advised.
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