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Default Help me get rockbox on my Fuze, if you would, please.

So basically, I had rockbox on one of my old iPod's and absolutely loved it. I never put it on my Clip because there wasn't much of a visual difference and I was fine with the original firmware anyways. I just picked up a Sansa Fuze 8Gb off ebay and wanted to Rockbox it, but everytime I try I run into some problem, or it just plainly doesn't work. (Rockboxing it, the player and orig firmware work fine)

Here's the deal. I have tried the Manual install, and the Automatic install. For the Manual install, I can't even find the bootloader needed, and whenever I install the bootloader via the automatic installer it run into an error after I firect it to the fuzea.bin file. Says it cannot open fuzea.bin for writing.

Also, when I just take the .rockbox and throw it on the player along with the fuzea.bin, it goes through the firmware upgrade process, turns off, but when I turn it on its like I didn't even do anything and it just goes back to the normal menu.

So please, what am I doing wrong? What's going on? Am I missing something?

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