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so, i JUST received my 5.0 and feel o so like one of the cool kids! know, the type armed with large, thick-framed glasses, cornrows of pens, pocket protectors for the pocket protectors, gold aviators, and sarcasm. waitaminute...

alljokingaside, an admittedly a potentially stupid question-

can I get an app like Poweramp and store it on my laptop, to be transferred to my player at a later date?


will rooting erase/gunk up/f* w/ the contents in my player?

What I'm getting at is that I'd rather not pay twice for the same product so I'm deliberating between waiting until I root it (if I do [do root it], hence the conundrum) or going ahead with the app without concern.

B) from my trolling jaunts, it seems like Poweramp is the "best" music player for the 5.0. yes?

oh, also- is there a way to update firmware w/o Kies? (free)

will it be necessary if rooting. again, new to all of this; thanks for indulging me/your patience

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