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Default Power conservation- Boot up/PowerAMP/launchers

Hey all,

!)is there a way to control which programs load at boot-up?
or is this just another reason why I should go the rooting route?

also, is there a way to keep programs I want shut down, shut down (instead of them popping back up like zombies?) i've read the posts on why killing tasks is unnecessary in android, but i do have the habit of launching programs, especially recently, since I"m mixing and matching, trying out new apps, without using them again, or at least for long periods of time. plus, i'm like hovering between orange/red (recently at 60 MB of RAM free)

2) what's a good music player that
a. sounds good
b. is loud-ish
c. isn't a resource hog?

from my reckoning, while PowerAMP is the loudest/crispest player I've tried yet (stock, Player Pro, PowerAMP, and Winamp), it seems to be a resource hog and a battery drain (relatively). I haven't tried Player Pro long enough yet to know how much resource it consumes, but I have noticed that on my headphones, the sound is less bright as well as much quieter (by like half) than PowerAMP. this is with the DSP enabled and the preamp up. is there like a way to either modify one program or the other to compensate OR is there another player that you'd recommend?

3) I've the stock launcher, Go Launcher, and ADW Launcher EX installed. it seems like it loads the each launcher and associated widgets while I'm in eg ADW launcher. if this is the case, RAM is consumed (though in the background) and might slow the player down. how do i avoid this besides uninstalling...well, i assume that if you haven't rooted this, you can't uninstall the stock player.

3a) for the new release of ADW Launcher Ex, how do you enable the hidden dock? i know that the dev integrated the dock into one main dock. which is ok, but i'd prefer a hidden one. so- are there apps that'd allow you to install a hidden dock? or is there a way to downgrade to the earlier version (, from my reckoning)

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