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Default Unable to DL Apps in Google Play (Market)

Well since (1) I am still unable to revive my beloved Creative Zen Vision M, Creative Zen Sleek and/or my Zune with new batteries (2) And since I refuse to buy the Classic Ipod to clog up my hard drive with that invasive devil known as Itunes (which also doesn't give me control I desire) ... I went out and purchased a Samsung Galaxy player 4.0 to use as my daily MP3 player.

It has a replaceable battery which means it will never be totally dead like my aforementioned players and I can add as much music as I want by using up to 32GB micro sd cards. I am stoked! I should have done this sooner, but since I hadn't been on this forum in a while while my mp3 players were out of order, I was sorely lacking in the awareness of this great device (LOL) In fact since the purchase I see there is a 6 inch that I slept on - but the 4 inch was on sale for 159$ and that was easier on my wallet.

I have run into the following problems so far and I hope some of you long time users can help me with.

(1) When I try to dowlnoad an app I get the error message "package file is invalid"

(2) I also get the error "Couldn'tload screen shots" while in the google market/play.

(3) Finally I can't even find the Amazon AppStore in the Google Market. No matter what I search for it won't show up for selection. I purchased Tapatalk from Amazon, to read forums on my T-Mobile Galaxy Tablet and wanted to use it on this Player since it has Wi-Fi.

So any1 know what these errors mean. I was able to log on before and set up my google mail, download some of my favorite free apps, etc - but all of a sudden today things aren't working for me. I rebooted but still the same problems.

PS #4. Almost forgot - I downloaded Kies thinking I could use it to load the music on my sd card but it doesn't seem to recognize my player. Doesn't Kies work with the Player? OR is it only for Samsung phones?

I am open to any and all advise. I really like this new toy and don't want to return it to Best Buy.

Thanks for reading.

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