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Default Album Art in Gallery

Iím having issues with album art showing up in gallery.

Now most of my music has embedded art, but over the years Iíve kept art jpegs in the album folders as well and not all was embedded.

I know I can delet Art files directly from the gallery or go through all 250+ music folders deleting art that way, but I wanted to keep art with music.
So i tried the ď.nomediaĒ blank file. Made in windows notepad saved as ALL Files and droped it on to the sd card music file my music was on. Reboot.

All album art has gone from gallery, great!

Poweramp still finds all my music with embedded art, problem solved. But the stock player dosn't nor does Cubed! Canít say Iíve used these players much but i donít like things not working.

So I can remove the ď.nomediaĒ blank file and have a cluttered gallery again.

Whatís everyone ells done?
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Once again the another reason Poweramp rocks. As long as you use a music program that are dependant on the android media scanner and not its own scanner (like poweramp) you will have this problem. Your only other choice is to install an alternative "gallery" app that lets you specify where to look for images.
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i deleted all my album arts too, because it was too much.

i used droid3tagger which automatically download album arts and embedded them to the songs.
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I had that problem too.
Since I was happy, for the most part, with the stock music player, I chose to avoid the stock gallery instead. QuickPix is an excellent photo viewer/gallery and has more options than the stock app (of course it does, everything has more options than the stock apps)

In QuickPix you can set folders that the app will not scan. (=MUSIC)
Works for me.
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I recommend using QuickPic to replace the default gallery app:

It lets you specify the folders that you have pictures in. For example, I keep my camera pics and wallpaper in two separate folders. With QuickPic I can set it to only show me pics from those two folders and nothing else. Also I like QuickPic's interface better.
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