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Default 3.5 mm ear buds to work

I feel stupid for asking, but can someone tell me how to turn off the exterior speaker, so I can hear my music on my headphones. I thought I went through all the settings, didn't see anything there.
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I've had the same problem.

Have you made sure the jack is pushed in all the way? If any metal is showing, then there is still one little click to go.

It seemed like mine was pushed in all the way, but it needed one more bit to go all the way in. You'll have to force it a little.

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Thumbs up thanks

That was it, I didn't have the plug down all the way, thanks.
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Yea, they seem to have a bit of a stiff plug for a little while. Give it a few weeks, it'll get much easier to get it all in.
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I have doung that any case that has an opening for the earphone connection will get in the way of pushing the plug all the way in. I have two different cases and both do this.
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