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Default Issues with rockbox - firmware corrupt?

Hi everyone,

I can't say for sure what cause the issue as this fuze (version 1) belongs to my young son. But, here is the problem and what I have done to attempt to correct it.

My boy handed me his fuze with the words 'plug usb cable' on the screen. So, I did. Then the display read: bootloader usb mode. I unplugged the device and the display read file not found.

Sure, of course.

Then I plugged the device back in holding the rewind section of the wheel down to load the fuze firmware. It loaded but the display told me that musicdb couldn't be reloaded and that I had to delete 90mb of stuff. After this the device powered off.

Pffft. I disconnected and reconnected starting back into the fuze firmware. The device (msc mode) appeared in my file manager so I tried to reinstall rockbox. No dice. Upon loading I got a checksum error.

Enter gparted!

I formatted the device as well as the MBR. After I did this I was able to get into the settings of the default fuze. I attempted to both remove and reinstall the rockbox firmware a number of times. Rockbox installed without error but I still cannot boot into it. Files missing or the checksum error again.

I downloaded a new copy of the original fuze firmware and tried to install rockbox again (after uninstalling it). No dice. Same checksum error.

I went through the fuze options to format and return the device to defaults. Still cannot remove vestiges of rockbox firmware nor can I reinstall it and get a working rockbox.

How can I completely remove all traces of the rockbox bootloader?

If more information is needed I will provide the details that I can. Again, I have no idea what the boy did to get his fuze in such a state so please don't ask. I hate not being able to answer a question.

I run Debian. I have windowsxp installed through virtualbox and at no time did windows even see the drive so I could attempt to use the sansa update utility. Debian sees the drive all day.

Thank you for assistance.

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