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Default Freezes during downloads

I got a 4 GB Zen V Plus about a week ago. I upgraded the firmware, but I still get a strange problem when Iím downloading files. The player freezes, but it looks like that happens only when I use a certain amount of memory.

My files are a mix of mp3ís and wmaís. Sometimes when Iím putting them on the player it crashes and it will only respond if I reset, format the playerís memory, and start all over again. This seems to happen when Iíve reached somewhere around 2.5 - 3 GBís, which is around 500 files.

I thought it was a problem with corrupt files at first, but I can see which file the wizard is loading at the moment it stalls, and those are songs I can play without problems at other times. Then I thought it was a problem related to downloading too much at once, but it also started happening at times when I already had a lot on the player and was just adding a few more albums. Could it be that part of the flash memory is no good?

Does anyone have any ideas about whatís happening or how I can fix this?

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It sounds like there might be a bad block of memory in there. Worst case scenario, take it back for an exchange.
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I am having this exact same problem with my Zen V Plus 1GB Model.. The only trouble is, I did not realize what was happening until quite a long time after the purchase (which was on, and it is quite impossible to return at this time. It is not a huge problem, I get the amount of music I listen to on a daily basis onto it, but I feel cheated for what I spent for it. Is there anywhere I can take it locally (eg Radioshack, CompUSA, CircuitCity, Bestbuy) where I can have it repaired? I do not wish to ruin what I have of it but attempting anything drastic..
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