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Default Is There A MP3Gain Type Software For FLAC?

I'm sorry for necroposting, but I had this exact question.
I understand that mp3 files can be normalized using mp3gain, but is there an equivalent for flac files?

Last edited by skip252; 08-19-2012 at 11:39 PM. Reason: Moved necrobump from Cowon S9 subforum for better exposure
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Welcome to ABi

When I researched this before I couldn't find anything that let you apply MP3Gain type alterations to FLAC files. The changes MP3Gain makes are preserved in tags and can be reversed. After MP3Gain reverses the changes the audio information is exactly the same as before the changes.

Being able to make a lossless change to the volume levels that way is part of what makes it useful. If you ever change your mind MP3Gain can reverse the changes using the tags it's written and you have the exact same audio information as before.

When I looked for a tool that did the same thing to FLAC files I came up empty. The closest thing I found that you can apply Replaygain during conversion to alter the files using foobar2000's Converter. The changes made that way are permanent. That also means the files are no longer lossless. The audio information isn't the same as the original so it wouldn't be considered lossless.
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Most things that support flax support replay gain tags anyway.
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I should have made my reason for moving this clearer. This is from the Cowon S9 subforum. They don't have Replaygain support. You have to use MP3Gain to level the volume on those.
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