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Old 11-04-2012, 06:50 PM
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Default Battery And Landscape Rotation Questions For The Samsung 5.0 on Android

Hey guys,

Every time I search for good deals, or tech this forum comes up. I figured I would join and ask a few questions.

I have had a Sansa e280 Player for about 4 years now, and love it. With it's removable battery and expandable sd card it was miles above many players back then. The only thing I could not get used to was any polished playlist option. So I decided to upgrade and figured I deserved it. Even though my Sansa still works great after using it multiple times a day everyday.

So I decided on a happy medium after loads of research and reviews, and being annoyed the ipod touch was so limited and even the ancient versions are more expensive than the new tech out now.

So I bought a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, and it came in Friday. So far I love it. I wanted a "smart" phone without the phone bill, and etc. Though it does make free texts and calls thru wifi.

Getting down to it, I charged it to 100% Friday night thru my usb and it seemed fine. I shut it off completely and went to bed, woke up Saturday morning and it was nearly dead at 15% battery life. How can that be when it was off?

I wrote tigerdirect, (it is refurbished) and they said if it does not hold a charge I can return it. I also wrote samsung and they said the apps were draining the battery while it was off? LOL I don't think so. Basically they gave me the "reset" the player and it will fix everything. After I spent hours downloading and customizing it. Of course if I send it back I will have to anyway.

My question is, if anyone has one, I know the battery is large at 2500 mah and takes a while to charge, but did anyone else have a problem charging theirs thru usb? or should I just give up and send it back?

**I charged it the full 6 hrs yesterday and it seemed to work, with some gaming, and music play and being on stand by the battery lasted 13+ hrs... but I an still unsure about it, also I had some UI issues. Is there anyway to get it out of standby or sleep mode without pressing the power button? I am afraid I will break it. I found some apps that claim to turn it on and off with a sensor but they don't work.

I also found that the home/apps screen does not rotate to landscape is this a planned thing from samsung? Because there website shows pictures of the player with landscape view apps. I got an app to rotate it, but not sure if mine is supposed to or there is a setting I am missing. It rotates for everything else, but home screens. It is on Auto Rotate.

Not only is this the first "smart phone" item I have purchased but the first android, if anyone can help me I would be very thankful.

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