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Default Upgrading Samsung YP-K5 to the 1.46 UMS firmware

Latest Version is 1.50 KR.. Courtesy of DanielNTX

Upgrading (Samsung YP-K5) to the 1.50 KR MSC/UMS firmware from the 1.03 (and up) MTP versions, you must go through a sequence of steps...

Important Note: Be sure to backup your music/photos before updating as your data will be lost during formatting.

Download and unzip the 1.50 firmware.. drag & drop (copy) the three files (from the unzipped firmware folder) to the *Data* folder on your K5, unplug the USB cable and restart the player, the K5 will then show updating and a size limitation error (18MB database error).

It must then be formatted through Windows (IMPORTANT! FAT32 format , NOT NTFS). After doing this, restart the player.. the player will update and you will get a white screen that looks like you have a disaster on your hands.. but if you once again drag & drop the same three firmware files to the *root* (not into a folder) of the K5 directory, unplug the USB cable and restart.. a final updating will occur and you can then re-load your K5 with music, photos etc..

Note: If during any of this process, your player locks up or fails to connect.. depress the *reset* hole on the back of the player, to clear it.

Features added by the 1.43 firmware update include:
1) UMS/MSC support
2) Browsing the player by folder (id3 tag browsing is NOT supported)
3) Ogg Vorbis audio files supported (added previously)
4) Custom EQ
5) Lyrics support
6) Graphical EQ display hesitation when operating player has been fixed

Additional improvements added by firmware ver. 1.46WA/1.50KR include:
7) Listen to music (on player) while charging via USB
8) Better handling of Shuffle feature (better randomizing)
9) Photo Zooming feature (100%/200%/400%) and navigation within zoomed photos.

All-in-All a worthwhile upgrade, assuming you don't care about id3 tag browsing for Artists, Genres etc. IMO, just having full UMS support is worth the effort of the update.. making the K5 a truly cross-platform OS player.

Important Note: You do also lose the capability to playback protected media (DRM'ed purchased songs)... so bare this in mind, if it is an important feature for you.

I hope this helps to clarify the update process for those worried about the procedure and those that were unclear about the sequence of events and their order...

Many Thanks to All Members that continue to add their own experiences, advice and links to keep these instructions up to date!
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