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Default EAC Log Question

I ripped a CD I have had for almost 25 years. The CD was used a lot, been in and out of many CD pockets and quite scratched up. The EAC rip took almost 3 days to complete.
Iím a new EAC user and had some questions concerning the log. The Log says errors were found, every track has reported suspect locations, and several songs the log stated quality was quite low compared my other EAC rips.
So my question is does this mean the FLAC files are flawed, or just that EAC found errors and corrected them? I converted the FLACs to mp3 and listened to them through earbuds. Iím not hearing anything obviously wrong with the tracks, but Iím far from an audiophile so I may not be picking up on subtle issues. Definitely no pops or blank spots to be heard.

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From what I understand suspicious positions in the log report means there were errors EAC couldn't correct and is reporting to let you know there's a problem.

From the Extraction Questions page of the EAC FAQ:
What does the Track Quality really mean? A few times I get 99.7% or 97.5%. But there are no suspicious position reported.

When you get 99.7% and so on, that means that a bad sector was found, but the secure mode has corrected it Ė from 16 times of grabbing the sector, there were 8 or more identical results. So it only indicates read problems. It is the ratio between the number of minimum reads needed to perform the extraction and the number of reads that were actually performed. 100% will only occur when the CD was extracted without any rereads on errors. ONLY when there are suspicious positions reported, there are really uncorrectable read errors in the resulting audio file.
I've always taken that to mean there are errors so bad on the disc that EAC wasn't able to correct them with repeated reads. If EAC wasn't able to get a good read after 3 days I doubt it's going to be able to do anything more in secure mode so I would look for alternatives.

Oddly one of the things I read at HydrogenAudio that might help is to change the settings to burst mode and enable C2 pointers even if your drive doesn't support them. I'm not 100% what that does but it's enabled me to get rips that sounded OK even if the the log results were really bad. It hasn't worked every time but it saved a couple of discs.

The other alternative I learned is to live with the results as they are. I decided if I can't hear anything wrong then there isn't anything wrong. The discs where burst ripping didn't get me a clean read have very audible defects. The pops, clicks and drop outs in sound aren't subtle. I don't need any special equipment or careful listening to hear the defects, they jump right out at me.
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Thanks Skip.

I was wrong, I have found a couple issues in one song. I am going to have to work on getting a better rip.

For some reason when I set up EAC, I left the C2 enabled. My drive does support it, I ran the test to verify it. I am going to try again with it off.
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