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Default How to get music onto YP-GI1

Please help me!

My faithful Sony NW HD5 finally had a stroke and died after 7 years of service. I didn't get one last chance to import everything onto my laptop before it kicked the bucket so I am starting again from scratch, ripping my cds.

I have just picked up the YP-GI1 and nothing, I mean nothing is intuitive (especially for a luddite used to Sonicstage!).

On the rare occasions that my Samsung laptop connects with this Samsung mp3 player without needing to troubleshoot problems, I open Kies and have got to admit, I have no clue whatsoever how, once I have ripped a cd, to get the mp3s to appear on the device. Seriously, someone please help this idiot here to do this before I just leave the wretched thing on a bus for some lucky ne'er-do-well to find and take down to Cash Converters for bathsalts money and I dig out my tape walkman.

Failing that, can someone point me in the direction of an mp3 player that a simpleton like me might be able to use? Remember, I was happy as Larry with the NW HD-5; I have a laptop for looking at the interwebs, I just want to hear my music out of the house.

Cheers in abundance,

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I just got the YP-G1 and found it to be as simple as opening it as a drive in Explorer and dragging and dropping the files onto it. Windows Explorer was the only software I needed.

I created a Music folder and dragged the files into there. The player did a media scan and found the files. When I hit the Music menu icon the default player opened up and was ready to play the files.
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I agree forget kies. The windows program is easier.
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There's a program called AirDroid that transfers files wirelessly from your Droid to your computer and from the computer to the Droid.
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