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Exclamation The Early Planning Of A New Rockbox Fuze+

So I'm planing on buying a fuze+ but have no access to a computer for now. I am buying the fuze for the purpose of using it as a gameboy emulator. My question is to plan early is it possible if I download the rockbox firmware the one you just drag on the fuze+ internal storage to my 8gb sd card and also a large amount of gbc games just the gb. And .gbc files also on a folder on my card. Then when I purchase the fuze+ and I use my brother's computer (Cuz he's strict about downloading) can I just cut and paste the files from the card to the internal storage would my device be rockboxed? And the games would work right? I am no newbie to rockbox. Just curious if its possible to do this. Thanks.
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Welcome to ABi

There's no Rockbox firmware that you can just load and it installs Rockbox. The sandisk firmware has to be patched to run Rockbox. The best way I know to do that is with the Rockbox Utility as recommended in the manual.

Installing using that requires that you download the Rockbox Utility itself and an unpatched copy of the sandisk firmware. Once that's done there's no further need to download anything unless you want custom themes or the font pack. If you do you can do that manually but I find it's much simpler to have the automated installer do that. After that there's no reason to have to download anything else unless you want to update your build.

Sorry, I can't tell you a thing about how well the Fuze+ works as a emulator. I've only used it for playing music.

If I'm missing something about what you're trying to do let me know in more detail. Reading the manual at least through Browsing and Playing should answer most of your questions but there's sometimes non-conventional things someone wants to do that aren't covered there.
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I guess in theory you could install to an SD card using rockbox utility, and then once you get the player copy and paste all the files onto it. The actual Fuze+ install just puts the rockbox install and a special patched firmware file onto the root of the player. Theres no reason rbutil has to actually copy the files onto the player itself, you could save them somewhere and move them over later.
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agreed thank u for you're help.
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