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Default Rockbox and OF "manual" uninstall/reinstall

What is the procedure for starting all over again on a rockboxed fuze v2? I want to reinstall the original fuze firmware (last version) and rockbox again.

In readiness I've patched the bin file as follows. Does this look right?

C:\Users\****\Desktop\rbinstall>mkamsboot.exe fuzpa.bin bootloader-fuzev2.sansa
mkamsboot Version 1.5
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO

[INFO] Original firmware MD5 checksum match
[INFO] Model: Sansa Fuze v2 - Firmware version: 2.03.33
[INFO] Firmware patching has begun !

[INFO] Original firmware size: 168920 bytes
[INFO] Packed OF size: 90016 bytes
[INFO] Bootloader size: 91960 bytes
[INFO] Packed bootloader size: 43161 bytes
[INFO] Dual-boot function size: 176 bytes
[INFO] UCL unpack function size: zu bytes
[INFO] Original firmware version: 512 bytes
[INFO] Total size of new image: 134033 bytes

[INFO] Patching succeeded!
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The recommended procedure is to use Rockbox Utility. Considering the only time there's a danger of bricking the player is during the bootloader installation and you're uncertain enough to ask here I'd follow the directions given in the manual

Following the manual's directions on how to uninstall manually then reinstalling using the automated installer accomplishes exactly what you're doing. Not "close" or "just about", the results are exactly the same.

Mind relating what's wrong with the bootloader? I'm asking because that just about never needs to be done.
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Thanks nothing wrong with the bootloader that I know of, it's just that I found various infos and becase I only have fleeting cafe internet access at the moment decided to do it manually because I can't get rockbox utility to work without an internet connection, it locks up (Rockbox not the fuze).
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Thanks, manual reinstallation of everything worked fine.
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