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Default Does anyone repair mp3 players?

I have 3 Sansa mp3 players that won't work. Is there anyplace I can contact who might fix these for a fee? I never registered them with Sansa and I don't want to fight with them. I'd rather pay someone who actually knows how to fix these items. Thanks.
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It depends where you are. In the US the cost to fix a Sandisk player will likely be well over the cost of a new one. If you are in a low wage country that has high taxes on electronics, then it might make sense to get them fixed.
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At least in the U.S., if you are still within the warranty period, SanDisk has a pretty decent replacement policy, covering the mailing both ways.
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Repairing sandisk players is problematic at best. They're not designed to be repaired and there's no source of repair parts.

As you've posted in the Fuze subforum does that mean they're Fuzes? If that's the case those are a real pain to work with. There's a fragile ribbon cable that is easily damaged by just opening the case. If that happens replacing it can only be done by using one from another Fuze. Once that's done they have a high probability of cracking or tearing when you try to fold it in place to reassemble the case.

Reattaching the ribbon cable involves working thru a very narrow opening to reach to the far side of the inside to reattach the ribbon cable. If you push too hard or at an angle the cable tears or the holder snaps. If you press on the underside of the screen while you're trying to get it back together it can cause the white screen of death that made any number of Fuzes unuasable.

I've worked on 3 of them before and was only able to get one working. That one died a few months later when the scroll wheel froze. I could get it to work for a day or so by lubing it but that stopped working after a few times. I recycled it and decided it wasn't worth the headache to work on devices that are best considered disposable.
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