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Default Samsung Focus S

Hi All!

I recently picked up a Samsung Focus S Windows Phone from a friend who no longer uses it (iPhone fanboy). I intended to use it as a music/apps device. I heavily used my Zunes through the years (30, 80, 120, HD) and was interested to see what the WP was like.

I must say, I am impressed with the capabilities. I thought, I would venture into the ABIP forums and see what posts there would be on the device. I see there hasn't been much activity on this side let alone posts for this specific device.

Are there any Owners of the phone here? I'd like to start a chain of useful "tricks of the trade" so to say to tweak any settings.

One nagging issue I can't seem to figure out is to increase the volume controls for the device. You once could do it through the 'Diagnosis' menu, but with an update it is not possible I believe. So any help with that would be appreciated.

In my interwebz surf I had seen mention of .xaps, chevron unlock hack, WP7 to WP8 hack. The problem I have is, the dates on the reads are very old and I am not sure if they are accurate or relevant anymore.

The best place I could get honest feedback is through this site. I have enjoyed all multiple forums through here and I hope someone will respond.


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