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Default Clip+ Locking up on database refresh

So I've been having a problem for several versions of Rockbox now (since 3.10, 3.11 maybe?) wherein my Clip+ locks up after refreshing the database.
When I've added new music, I then wait for the disk access icon to disappear before I reboot the Clip+ to get the "Committing Database 1/9" display or whatever it is. If I manually shut down the Clip+, it locks up on the "Shutting down..." screen. If I leave it to shut off automatically, the display turns on and then the Clip+ locks up showing the most recently used menu screen. In both these cases, the device does not respond to any inputs, but if I hold the power buttons for ~15 seconds it will finally turn off; when I push the power button again the device boots and functions normally.

There just seems to be something going on when the database refresh finishes that's causing everything to hang, and like I said I haven't always had this problem. Been using Rockbox on the Clip+ since either just before or just after it entered "stable" status, and aside from the version upgrades I've made no major system changes (swapped microSD cards, etc.) that could contribute to this behavior. I can't say for sure, but I also feel like this problem appeared a while after upgrading Rockbox, so it doesn't seem to be immediately related to moving to a new version.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks!
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