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Default X7 HDD/Format Issues

Hi all,

This is going to be a big post, so prepare for a wall of text and a long read...

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed my X7 randomly blanking out and progressively it's become worse to the point that I'm unable to use it anymore. Let me explain..

First of all, it began when I turned the X7 off in the middle of a song then turning it back on to resume the song it would play a few seconds of the song then cut out completely. This was also accompanied by a hum/buzzing sound whenever I tapped the screen to navigate back to the song, which, when playing the song would get longer and louder until the player would cut out. It sounded a bit like a power surge.

So after it cuts out whilst playing the song, I would then power it back on to find it surging out at the "initialising" screen then cutting out straight away again. I found the only way to rectify this is by using the USB to connect it to a device (didn't matter what, PC, Blu Ray player, TV etc.. anything did the trick). This then enabled it to initialise and do the "updating database" phase. Then when I unplugged it, it continued to work for a short while until inevitably I had to turn it off again and when I turn it back on again, it's just a repeat process.

So I thought right, something needs to be done about this. I tried updating the firmware to the latest 2.11 but it surged in the middle of that. Failing that, I connected it to a PC and used the default Windows Explorer tools to check for errors and recover bad sectors on both paritions. It found errors and fixed them. I then proceeded installing the new firmware again, which worked, but the previous problems still persist. The next step I took was to format both the HDD and Flash partition. The flash formatted fine however, it never finished the HDD format as it hung in the middle of the process as the X7 automatically disconnected itself.

As I have 3rd party tools I use on my PC, I loaded up EaseUS Partition Master which works a dream for everything I've used in the past. The same thing happened again, although Partition Master is smart enough to spew an error message and not just hang like Windows does. It said it couldn't complete the actions because it doesn't have read/write access which makes logical sense as like before, the X7 disconnected itself during the format.

I then tried to baby-step the format process. First, I wiped the partition. Check. Then I deleted the partition. Check. Then I created a new partion. Fail. I thought from that, maybe I created the wrong type of partiton so I tried creating the X7 HDD partition as FAT32, NTFS and exFAT partitions to no avail. What I did notice though is that everytime it failed the format, the HDD partition reverted back to being FAT32 each time which is how Windows was able to recognise it each time.

Since searching around on forums, I've just noticed the X7 has a format option inbuilt to it's own system. I've just used this but haven't used the X7 yet so I don't know if it's still doing the surge problem. One thing that still persists though is ever since the FW update/formatting, the "initialising" and "updating database/metadata" text during the start up are overlapping as shown here: and no matter how many times I re-update the firmware and/or fornat the flash partition that still stays there, I can't fix that.

Any help at all would be appreciated, maybe I'm doing something wrong or missing something? I've tried every diagnostic I can think of and I don't know what else to do.. I'm at the end of my tether of this one. I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAAAZY PILLS!


I just thought I'd give it another try to see what I can do. I downgraded back down to FW 2.09 which, to my amazement, fixes the text overlapping issue. However, it's surging quite frequently without even playing any songs, just on the main menu. You can hear it, the HDD spins up, then you can hear the sudden clunk of the needle which is when it cuts out.

So I updated updated back to FW 2.11 and the distorted text is back but the surge problem still persists. I just noticed though the battery level is next to nothing so it could be cutting out due to low battery. I will charge it overnight and post the results tomorrow.

Could it be firmware related? Is anyone else having this issue?

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Originally Posted by ExsolviteMeFurorHoc View Post
Could it be firmware related? Is anyone else having this issue?
The Reason

what happens to your x7 it is not bad for what makes the mistake you made you should not have to connect it to windows 8 or other operating systems 64-bit that you deconfigure.


those sounds that makes the disc is because you are trying to find files that are defragmented because of windows 8 that would not occur if only inserting a jack windows 7 or Windows XP, you probably think you've formatted your X7 NO but there are still traces

The Solution:

to perform this operation you must use a computer to windows 7 or XP system, but on that is 32 bits, which haras below will download the "RoadKill" low version windows program according to that you're connected to the program is not heavy simple haras what will remove all traces left that finds the windows 8 and also the data remain relatively the HDD from Zero. completed the process you will give double click the disk HDD and will ask that you format READY! haora can store your music back to relax.


NEVER but never connect to MAC, Windows 8 64-bit or Linux, unconfigure, I tell you this because I also have a X7 120 Gbs and since I follow this rule'm cool: 3, and I'm going for the 80 Gbs of music

Harry Wave (Peru)
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