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Lightbulb Porting Zen X-Fi2 Apps to mobile devices (iOS, Android)

To be honest Creative Zen X-Fi2 isn't a new portable device model.
I think it's time to look for something different. But people made for this platform a lot of great apps and games.
I think it's a great moment to port all Applications to other devices.
I don't have sufficing abilities to this, but i have a idea how tdo this in easy way.

There's a development platform called Corona SDK. Programming language on this platform is LUA, so porting shoud be easy.

The job to do is "translating" classes from here (OS, button, touch etc.) to this.

Is somebody willing for doing it?
I'm sorry. I don't speak English...
I'm from Poland.
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While porting the code to work with that sdk is entirely possible, and wouldn't require to much work, the problems comes to art. The games/apps made for the zen are designed for a target resolution of 400x240 pixels, whereas any newer devices, specifically those with retina displays or higher resolutions, can manage to fit a couple thousand of pixels in a physical space slightly larger then the zen's screen. So while the apps might run, the game would only take up a small section of the screen, rendering some buttons extremely difficult to use.
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Default zen apps on android

Since a while back I do run some Zen apps on my low-end Android(2.3) phone using Jillcode for the lua parsing.

Just did not know where this thing belong as you get very close to an ipod.

Nothing in the ZENAPI implies a 400x240 screen (being a bit lazy about that myself) so for those, I just stretch the bitmap to fit.
Timing could be an hard issue to solve but more bad is the fact that Android is multi-app-capable and ZENAPI is designed to be used for running just a single app.

If someone likes to test it, the lualauncher looks for apps in a xfi folder at the root of the sdcard or something similar for the device. I think the easiest way to try it out is to extract my to that location. (I have tried to do so that my changes to the code still should be compatible with the ZEN)

If you have done so and been able to running it, don't hit the dedicated app-switching Android home-button (ZEN home-click and home-hold is under menus) but back button works for some apps, no standard way for exiting apps on ZEN either, just use some sense.

Some parts of the ZENAPI are not yet implemented, don't work or is different in Android:
precompiled code
some io functions (input/output and more)
and a lot of other things that I have forgotten.. contanies:
BC Forest20 Drod Minesweeper PushBox TouchDemo
Bubble Chap GGC Paint Puzzle Slide xmas
Chess GUIDemo Paradise Slots Snake Zeano Guitar
Crystal Connect Jezzball Pinball Solitaire
DragMe Laserstrike Pipes Sudoku

The Jillcode is very extensible and it's very easy to write a small java-function for the things you miss in ZENAPI, on the fly you bypass libs like corona or moai and play around in the deep Android API world.
Bad things of Jillcode is that the maintainer of it has retired and that the last line of the readme file is:

"Some parts of the software are suffering from a bit of neglect, and dust bunnies have accumulated in some corners"

LuaLancher.apk is supposed to be installed on a Android device, don't try it on the xfi. and Eclipse sourcecode is here:

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