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Default Audio settings divisible by folder?

Hello, I just bought an X7 and I love it, it's a fantastic MP3 player (other than the occasionally shitty touchscreen). Of course the EQ settings are one of its biggest strong points, and I was wondering if it's possible to set different audio settings for different folders/subfolders. IE. Use 'rock' preset for all the rock songs in my 'rock music' folder, 'metal' for all the metal songs in my 'metal' folder, etc.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Welcome to ABI
I also own an X7 and love it. I don't even mind the touch screen. Did you try calibrating yours? That might provide more accurate results.

As for your EQ question, there are four custom settings, so you can have one setting for rock, one for metal, and a third and fourth setting for whatever other genres you listen to. They do have to be chosen manually though. They would not be applied automatically based on the genre you are listening to.
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Yep, already tried the calibration trick, and it still sucks on occasion. :/

And yeah, I know they have to be applied 'manually', I was hoping it was possible to set it so that you could have several set up at once for different folders, but oh well.
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