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Default should i give the j3 another go??

hi as i wrote in the past my j3 died after it got wet and the screen was damaged.anyhow i tried to buy this player but with no luck. so i decided to buy another cowon player that has the same sq .but the cheapest or less pricey i could find was the cowon x9.the best part for this player is that it has 100 hours battery but i feel that this is the only best part
the screen is terrible the touch screen sux and the size isnt so comfortable to use for a daily use as mp3 player .. but the sq is AWSOME
the thing is that i miss my j3 couse of the amoled screen, the size of course and how stylish it looked,and that you could flash it with different firmwares and change the UI
so my qs is should i sell my x9 and try to buy the j3?<thank god for the amazon if i wanna find it>.or its not worth to spent more money
the key factor for me is the sq of course if someone owns both ...the j3 sounds better than the x9? or they sound the same?
or should i try to buy the z2 instead?
if someone can reply i ll apreciate
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There are a few J3s on eBay right now. You may be able to snag one those.
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