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Default Playlist problems with new fuze +

Hello, forum,

This is my first time using a site like this for help. If I come off as dim bulb please be kind. Long story short on impulse I purchased a sansa fuze + on Friday at Best Buy. I destroyed the packaging to the point I don't think I can return it. This was my first mp3 purchase ever. I managed to create a playlist in WMP but when I transferred it to the player all of the files appeared individually and not as a playlist. I next downloaded Winamp. The closest I came to success was individual files in the music folder and a play list. I tried deleting the contents of just the music folder but this action deleted the music files in the playlist as well. I tried transferring using auto detect, mtp, msc. with both WMP and Winamp no go. I have put in roughly 18 plus hours to get this to work, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. On a tech savy scale of 1 to 10 I say I'm a 4 or 5.

Thank you in advance
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You definitely have my sympathy. It can seem like the entire world is perfectly familiar with using these devices and it ought to be simple but for anyone starting from scratch it is horribly unintuitive with ambiguous terminology, unexpected results and all round frustration.

But it can be a lot simpler. If I were you I would visit and download the quick start guide and the user manual.

For the moment don't worry about playlists, just use drag and drop to get some music on the player and at least start getting familiar with it and enjoying using it. So from the quick start guide, see the section entitled "FILE MANAGEMENT/FILL IT WITH MUSIC":

Drag and Drop Files
1. Connect player to PC using the included USB connector.
2. Open “My Computer” on your PC.
3. Double click on the player icon and then click on
“Internal Memory”.
4. Drag and drop files to the Music folder.
Now you have some music and you don't have to deal with media sync apps apparently designed by life forms unfamiliar with or even hostile to the human psyche.

If it's really important to you to manage your music via synchronising playlists made on your PC then you will have to try out some different media players and find one that you can live with or even like. Back up your music before embarking on the learning process because many of these apps seem designed to deal with unwary users by punitively deleting their music.

I've been using similar players for about 10 years and drag and drop (or commands or scripting) didn't fail me yet, whereas every music management app has made me want to spit (or worse). If the whole playlist and sync with PC thing isn't a priority then drag and drop is really simple and it works and somehow the music sounds just as good even when Microsoft/Apple/Google don't know what you listen to, for how long, if you like it and where you bought it.
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If you are using the latest version of WMP in Windows 8, then yes it sucks badly, though not quite as badly as what you're running into. My issue with WMP in Win 8 was removing music then trying to get it to re-scan the directories to get the music back into WMP. I used to make playlists when I was starting out using WMP, although that was WMP for Vista, and found it worked fine, but now I just group music by artists and albums and have not messed with playlists in a few years, so I don't know how well WMP for Win 8 handles them. The WMP for Vista, however, I found very easy to use and very intuitive, it is a shame it was ruined in Windows 8.

I know none of this helps you with your problem. I would recommend trying to at least getting the music saved over and I would try WMP to see if you can get them saved over under their Artist names or by album or genre (something I have not tried, not sure if it can be done) or something like that. I have not had any trouble with WMP performing that task. Failing that, I would follow I-Rip's advice to at least get up and running.

I am currently using Media Monkey, per recommendations I found here and elsewhere. I cannot recommend it to a novice as it is NOT intuitive at all. I am muddling my way through it. (If anyone knows of an add-on that can change the interface to help make it WMP-like, some features are nicer and more powerful but the interface could use refinement, I would appreciate knowing where to look, thanks.) I mention it because it is an option, even if not a very good one for a novice. Perhaps someone knows of another program that has a better interface.
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Welcome to ABi

Sorry for the delayed welcome but I needed to get permission to use a family members Fuze+ to see if I could research this. I have a Fuze+ but it's been Rockboxed and I wanted to be certain any results I came up with would be certain to work with the sandisk firmware.

I've found that Winamp, MediaMonkey, and Musicbee can transfer files and create playlists when they are setup properly. I'm not inclined to open WMP as I think it's more than a little crappy. However it's been my experience that if those 3 can do what you want WMP should be able to if you smack it hard enough to catch it's attention long enough to remember your preferences.

The setup on each of them is similar. In fact I didn't really do any setup on either MediaMonkey or Musicbee. After I pointed them at the files I needed transferred and saved them as a playlist, right clicking the saved playlist and selecting the send to option sent both the files and a working playlist.

If you post your steps in Winamp I'll take a look and see if there's anything I notice that's not letting it work the same for you. I see you haven't been here in a few days and I don't want to spend time creating a generalized set of direction you may never see.
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