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Help Podcast playback of the latest walkman E-series

I'm planning on maybe buying one of those E-series. I used to own a Sansa Fuze and I enjoyed it a lot, now it's discontinued. Before I buy another device I need to know if the device can always go back to where it was inside a file it has been playing before and stopped before the end. If it doesn't, it's a dealbreaker for me because I listen to long podcasts all the time but I only have short periods at time to listen to them.
Here are two relevant situational examples:
  1. If you put the device to sleep / shut it down while you are playing a file, then you turn it back on the day after and go play something else, if you open the original file again, will it go back to where it was when you shut it down?
  2. If you play a file, and use forward to skip to another file, when you go back to the previous file, can it go back to where it was before you skipped?
Also is there a way to identify podcasts statuses like "not opened yet / currently listening / completed" ?

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I don't have an E series but I do have an S-754 which I believe is similar.

1. yes
2. Not sure what you're getting at. You can't do playlists with podcasts so 'skipping ahead' just starts playing that same podcast from the beginning. When a podcast episode completes playing, you manually have to select the next podcast you want to play.

As for status, a podcast will show as 'New' if it has never been played. Once you start playing it, it no longer show as new but it does not indicate if you have completed listening or have paused somewhere in the middle - both look the same.

Hope that helps.
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