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Default Walkman NWZ-S544 committed suicide

It looks like my Walkman S544 has finally given up the ghost, but before I lay it to rest I'm going to give this one more shot and see if anyone here has some suggestions.

The problem:

Every so often the Walkman would abruptly reset itself while playing music, and then spend about 10 minutes on the "Every moment has its music" loading screen before rebuilding its library and coming back to life. The last time it did this, half of my song info became garbled (e.g. bands were labelled as '-') so I knew the end was nigh. A week ago it did its reset thing again while I was walking home from work, and now it stays stuck on the "Every moment has its music" loading screen, eventually turning itself off.

The last time this happened I reformatted the data (not firmware!) partition and everything was fine, however that was when I was on WinXP. I'm now on Win7 and although I've managed to reinstall the Walkman device as a portable HDD, Win7 can't access it claiming that there are no volumes on the device.

Predictably, pressing the reset button on the back of the device did absolutely bugger all - when does that ever help? Never, that's when.

I tried updating the firmware on the device despite it being up to date, the updater recognized this (so clearly the firmware partition still seems to be partly ok) and warned me about it, I tried to install the firmware anyway but the updater failed to even start the install process.

I recall that there may be a recovery mode that I can use on the player to reformat its data partition, but I cannot remember what button combination brings it up - or if I am just confusing this player with my even older Sansa. I tried the usual volume up / option or volume up / play combo and nothing happened.

Any hope? Or should I cremate the sucker and move on?
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