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Default Mid-size font (~11) with wide Unicode coverage?

Historically I have found the size 11 Nimbus font to provide a good compromise between size and amount of information fitting on my Clip+ screen. Lately, however, I have been acquiring more and more music from the Far East, predominantly Japan, which is being scrobbled fine but any Japanese characters only display as boxes since the font does not include them.

Now you can get the Sazanami-Mincho font with CJK support in smaller sizes, but it does not include common accented characters and umlauts that I also need (, etc.). And the size 16 GNU Unifont is kinda big.

So far the size 14 Rockbox-Mix font has proven the best compromise. Still looks a tad crammed on the lil' Clip+ screen, but at least I can see what I'm listening to now. (Theme settings: Base theme = rockbox_failsafe, WPS = Cliplined, Icons = no.)

Can't they just start making something like the "old" Fuze again...? Otherwise I may end up with an iPod Classic eventually, but as often as I've dropped my Clip, I fear the harddrive may not enjoy that even with a protective case. I don't need a microscopically small player (I already have to operate the Clip with pointed fingers), but hardware volume is a must. (And RB obviously.)

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