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Default HDD replacement

Ok so i love my X7 and managed to find a 120GB model locally in Australia. But i think the HDD doesnt love me. It travels around in my work bag so its not treated well.

Music has started to stutter with long pauses mid song at times. Updated firmware made no difference. I suspect the HDD has taken one too many knocks.

So i was looking to replace it. I found the 160GB model no problem but also stumbled across a 128GB 5mm ZIF 1.8" SSD. Has anyone tried one of those?

Its twice the price of the 160GB platter but it should be a lot more shock proof and hopefully faster.

Should i take one for the team and find out if this is just what the doctor ordered?

Maybe i can order both just to be sure i guess.

Any tips on formatting etc
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well in my case my X7 not stutter , but to some strange noises as if the disc was suffering seek information I found out that there was a theme for clutter in the store windows 8 because of what I did was make a super formatting using the following program :

select Roadkil's Disk Wipe

you must download the version of your computer is Windows XP or Windows 7
once done I run the program and looking for the address of record " X7 HDD" and give random format if you can give a second pass .

after that again x7 equip your music collection in an orderly manner .

there is an option to improve their performance is the " Desfragmetar Unit " it helps to have quite the cowon and well laid out by the data warehouse fluides facilitating reading .


if you know that the x7 will be exposed to shock and impact is important equipped with a silicone or leather , all good ways to avoid serious blows.

lately it has been found that when connected to operating systems such as Windows 8 , Mac, or Linux especially 64Bits system unconfigures the HDD maybe that could be the reason !

happy new year

Harry Wave from Peru

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