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Default I hate my e385

Lol, sorry I can't give a professional review but I seriously hate this damn thing. I've killed 2 cowon i9s in a short time so I decided to find something cheaper and actualy available in Canada and so I picked up the e385 today.

The sound on "normal" is quite good, I can even run a pair of HFI-780 off the player and it still sounds good even if it doesn't go super loud which is impressive. Buttons are better than touch screens for little devices like this so I like that. Drag and drop is 1000x better than having to use iTunes or WMP so that's another thing I like.

And that's about all the positives, firstly, getting my laptop to recognize the thing involved multiple hard resets and plugging in and out. My music wasn't getting recognized by the player, thought it might've been tags or codec but nope, formatting the BRAND NEW device and another hard reset remedied the issue. Nice to have a custom EQ, unless it's as useless as this one (I've been spoiled by Cowon), so that's not really a "feature" anymore. Actually, there are no features.. you want playlists? Make them on the computer because you can't do it on the player as you listen to your tracks. Downloaded a bunch of stuff and want to tag your favourites so you can easily delete the rest when you get to a laptop/desktop? Keep dreaming, you better have a very good memory! Want to delete that super annoying track you shouldn't have put on there? Sorry, can't, must connect to computer.

I know I'm complaining much about an inexpensive device meant for very basic needs (young kids/fitness use/music at work/poor people..) but something like a "favourites" feature, deleting or the like is pretty basic. Since my cell contract won't let me upgrade for another year+ (my phone sucks for music) and I'm not paying the price of a cheap laptop for a brand new phone I guess I'm stuck with this thing untill then. At least the sound is good and it's small so it won't be uncomfortable to use at work.
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