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Unhappy e260 Rockbox Problems

I'm sorry if the title isn't too descriptive. I have an e260 Lil Monsta, have had it for a long time. I can't remember exactly when I got it. Now, my problem is I want to go back to the original program, for lack of better words. I installed Rockbox to use higher micro sd cards but I am sure I did it wrong, having been a stupid kid when I did it.

I simply want to access my music on the mp3 player, copy it to my computer so I don't lose it and reset it to factory default. Then I want to do things correctly so I can put music on it as I should. When I connect it to my computer I can only see what is on the sd card, no the music on the mp3 player. When I installed Rockbox the thing was running low on memory but since I have not been able to see the music contained on the player.

So, does anyone know a fix for this so I can save my music and reset my player? I really want to continue to use this, it was my first and it still a really good player. And I really don't want to lose all the music on it that has been lost from computers over the years. Thank you for any help and for reading this.
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Welcome to ABi

If it ever worked I doubt you installed Rockbox incorrectly. If it wasn't installed properly it simply wouldn't have run at all. It's likely you're not seeing your music because you put it in the place that made sense and didn't realize or remember that location can cause problems.

The Music folder on a V1 e260 is hidden by the firmware. If you placed your music files there you need to set your OS to view hidden files in order to see the files and transfer them to another location.

The directions for installing and uninstalling Rockbox are here. I'm not sure the automated installer will uninstall an installation as old as yours seems to be. If it cant the info needed for manual uninstallation are included in that link.
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My guess is you copied your music over in MTP mode, which is why you can't see it in MSC mode. If so, reboot into the Sandisk firmware, switch to MTP mode, and then copy it all off.

By the way, having files stored on your MP3 player and no where else is a terrible idea. The flash memory used in mp3 players and sd cards is notoriously unreliable. Its just a matter of time until some of your files are lost or corrupted.
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